Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A better way to bleach and whiten teeth

Another dentist asked about a newer and much improved bleaching method she had heard about that I use, these are the wonderful results I sent to her. These are not photo shopped, his teeth really do look like this.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what comes first the floss or the brush?

Should you brush before you floss or floss before you brush?

what do you think?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Apple unseats Google as world's most valuable brand

Google’s four-year reign as the world’s most valuable brand has ended as Apple nudged its way into the top spot in a new study by global brands agency Millward Brown.

Apple’s line of coveted gadgets and rule-busting pricing model helped propel Steve Jobs and co. passed the internet search behemoth.

Peter Walshe, global brands director of Millward Brown, says Apple's meticulous attention to detail, along with an increasing presence of its gadgets in corporate environments, have allowed it to behave differently from other consumer-electronics makers.

The full (tech-heavy) top ten:
    1.    Apple
    2.    Google
    3.    IBM
    4.    McDonald’s
    5.    Microsoft
    6.    Coca-Cola
    7.    AT&T
    8.    Marlboro
    9.    China Mobile
    10.    General Electric
Full story at Yahoo Finance.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Serotonin the magic Hormone-from Wasp Bites to Euphoria to Osteoporosis
 I found this in the NY Times Science section by Natalie Angier, one of my favorite columnist (just behind Apple enthusiast David Poque). Natalie has a wonderful understanding of the science, history and culture of her topics and there is poetry in her prose. She is both a humorous and educational read.

New research suggests that our bones take advantage of both serotonin circuits[brain & gut], to manage the delicate dance between its two cellular castes: the constructive osteoblasts that build up the skeleton, patch the holes and repair cracks, and the destructive osteoclasts devoted to chipping rickety old bone tissue down.
Serotonin is also involved in helping people cope with adversity.
The embryo’s silent, headless genetic “twin,” the placenta…synthesizes serotonin and ships it straight to the forebrain to help Brain development in fetuses.

...To synthesize serotonin, humans and other species must start with tryptophan,an essential amino acid found in many dietary items, including turkey, cheese, tofu, nuts, seeds and bananas.

To read more detail,  click on the top leak, it's worth spending your time on this.